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Our Policy

Private weekly Lessons


Students are scheduled for one (1) thirty (30) minute session per week. Each student is responsible for bringing his or her materials to every lesson. Parents are required to stay with the student during each lesson so they can provide better practice methods at home. 

Lessons will follow the school year, and make up days will be provided during times off.


Semester Lessons


Students are scheduled for one (1) thirty (30) minute session per week for twelve (12) weeks. Excluding the week of thanksgiving and two weeks during Christmas. Only one (1) makeup lesson will be offered during semester specials. Payment is taken in advance for the entire semester. Semesters are seasonal and limited, please contact for more information on availability. 

Practice Methods


Playing piano can be fun! But learning takes time and concentration. Each student must commit to practice time every day. Learning to read music is like learning a new language. Setting a schedule is recommended to keep practice methods continuous. While it is not always possible to maintain this, constant disregard to this rule will not help in achieving your goal. I teach practice methods during lessons to help you at home. Parents are encouraged to follow along so they can assist their child at home. If something is not clear to the parent or the student, please contact me instead of waiting until the next lesson. Each student will take home notes from every lesson to help them with practice. 




Private weekly lessons are paid for monthly. The payment is due at the first lesson of each month. Semester Lessons are paid for in advance, at the beginning of each semester. A discount is offered for semester lessons and a multi-child discount is offered as well. (Must be from the same house hold, scheduled on the same day.)


Each student is responsible for purchasing his or her learning material from the teacher.




Each year I offer two recitals. One during the spring semester and one during the fall semester. Each student is encouraged to participate but not required. The recitals are contingent upon student participation.


Cancelation Policy


We understand things can come up from time to time. If something should arise and you are unable to make it, please contact the teacher at least four (4) hours in advance to reschedule. Rescheduling is at the teacher's discretion. If a lesson is missed entirely with out notification, you will forfeit that lesson and payment.


Semester Make-up Lessons


Each student is allowed one (1) make up lesson during the twelve (12) week semester. There are exceptions to this policy regarding emergency situations and advanced preparation, please contact the teacher if you have questions.


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