The First Note


Beginning an instrument can seem intimidating at first and learning to read music is like learning a new language. It takes time and commitment. However, I have many different methods for all ages to help you along, and as your teacher I am committed to your success.

Teach In Harmony


I take students ages 4 -18. Teaching anything from classical to modern pop. However, I highly recommend beginning with classical, as this helps with theory and learning the fundamentals of all music.

The Future Sounds Good


As your child progresses, I will expand their knowledge and guide them through many genres of music. Giving children the gift of music will help them grow, and remember... With out music, life would "B flat".

Laura Glover
Founder’s Notes 


I am classically trained and knowledgeable in all genres of music. I have been teaching and playing for a combined 30+ years. Ocala Piano Lessons was founded in 2009, and I have taught many students through the years, ranging from 3 years of age to 90!

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